Casse-Noisette- Cube – Troyes Champagne Expo- 24 January

Ballet and orchestra of the Russian National Opera-At 8.30 pm
This Christmas story tells the story of young Clara receiving as a gift a nutcracker shaped like a little man. On a night animated by a mysterious enchantment, the toys led by Nutcracker engage in a fierce battle against the evil mice of the house. Awakened by the noise, Clara decides to face her fears by participating in the fight and saves her dear Nutcracker from danger. Moved by his courage and full of gratitude, he turns into Prince Charming and takes Clara to a magical kingdom.

Carré Or : 65 €
Cat 1 : 44 €
Cat 2 : 34 €
Reservations à la Maison du Boulanger 42 rue Paillot de Montabert à Troyes

3rd International Dance Festival- Théâtre de Champagne.

3rd International Dance Festival. At 8.30 pm
As part of the 3rd edition of the International Dance Festival: Troyes Danse Project, the dance evening offers you a unique show that mixes more than 7 professional companies with completely different styles.
An evening of sharing and discovery for all lovers of dance and show.

Tarif plein : 26 €

Tarif réduit (- de 10 ans) : 19 €
Pass 2 jours : 55 €
Réservations à la Maison du Boulanger 42 rue Paillot de Montabert à Troyes